Take Your Chances on a New Living Space

If you live in metro Atlanta and have a claustrophobic, boxed-in living space that needs a makeover, we can help. But first, see if our design counterparts at MegaDens, a DIY Network show can do it for free. Apply by April 20th to have your living room, dens, dining room or enclosed patio opened up. Email your name, contact info and address to FixMyFamilyRoom@gmail.com. Include a description of the space and plenty of photos of it and your family.

Go to their website for more information. We wish everyone luck and since there can only be on winner, we’ll be here for the losers. Contact us for a Miller Bynum Design consultation.


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Rite at Home is an inspired furniture store anchored around the interior design talents of Miller Bynum Design. It features luxe brands & consignment furniture.

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