Initial Consultation (2 HOURS)
Typically this takes place at the house, where we can walk through each room and provide recommendations based on questions our team will ask about your lifestyle, entertaining, family needs, and more. This is an invaluable opportunity to establish that you enjoy the joint creative process and appreciate the ideas and suggestions being made. Working with a designer is like adding a member to your family. M&B Designs needs an opportunity to get to know you and determine your lifestyle, habits, preferences, and direction you are headed. During this stage we consider you budget and completion desire. The goal in design is to stay one step ahead of where you are so that the finished project provides a timely solution at completion.

Contract Phase (Based on Consultation)
M&B Designs will put together a room by room written plan according to the discoveries made in the Initial Consultation. This plan will outline the scope of work and the estimated budget.  We will also apply hours to each part of the project at this time, completing the project time line and furnishings investment.  At this point, we discuss a project retainer and design related fees based on scope of work.  Coupled with our design agreement, this design process initiates the project.

Design Phase
After a full understanding of your stylistic preferences, specific needs, and approved budget.  Miller and Bynum will develop and come back to you with a comprehensive design scheme comprising plans, 2-D or 3D visuals.  The design board will also consist of sample materials, fabrics and illustrations of furniture, accessories, and fittings.  Together we will discuss all aspects of the design and determine whether any amendments should be made. Final signature approval of design concepts, materials and specifications and budget will move us to the next process.

Execution and Purchasing Phase
It is important to us that your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.  We provide purchasing services for all items included on final design plan.    We will meet with contractors if the design includes any construction services. We monitor the process closely and keep you updated through regular meetings, providing project management services and supervision of delivery and installation.

Completion Phase
This takes sometimes as little as a day, sometimes two or more days. Installation is a coordination of many individuals on both the design team as well as the delivery and installation crew. We work together to hang the window treatments, art work, mirrors, lighting, and much more to bring life to the project.

Final Walk Thru/Finishing Touches
We are almost at the finish line.  We hand select, deliver and place each piece in your home or office. The art of detailing truly makes the difference and we are passionate about the finish result.  The last lap is a final walk thru with you to share your transformation.

Housewarming Celebration or Transformation Celebration
M&B Designs works with you to provide a housewarming event, large or small, to celebrate your new haven. Or if you want to showcase your new transformation, we will coordinate the décor, the caterer, and ensure a welcoming experience by one and all.